Postcard Box 2 by Mikael Siirilä - Box
Postcard Box 2 by Mikael Siirilä - Box opened
Postcard Box 2 by Mikael Siirilä - Postcards

Postcard Box Nº 2

Edition: 300
Helsinki, 2020
Price: 19€ + shipping

Sold out – but some might still be available at the Analog Magazine Shop.

A limited-edition box of postcards featuring photographs by Mikael Siirilä mainly shot in 2018-2019. The box contains a set of 10 postcards offset printed on smooth uncoated Munken Lynx 400g/m² FSC stock using a dense stochastic screening process. The cards are fountain pen friendly.

The intensely red custom box is made of high pigmented "Ultra Red" card stock with metallic silver offset print. Each box is signed and numbered and delivered in a protective bubble-wrap envelope in signature red.

Limited edition of 300 boxes.

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